Charming Peachtree Park Home Sold After Staging!

Meador“I’d put my home on the market twice in the last 2 years but did nothing to it but clean it very good before having my agent list it as “for Sale”. It never sold. Never got an offer. This most recent time, my real estate agent recommended I do some light staging through Sharon. It was counter intuitive for me to spend money on something I was about to sell. But I decided to make the small investment and used Sharon. She came over one day while my wife and I were both at work. When I got home that evening the house looked totally rejuvenated.  It looked younger, fresher, like it was out of a magazine. And the feedback we got from potential buyers was incredible. The house went under contract in six weeks. My small investment to get the house sold had paid off!! It was amazing to see how Sharon brought our existing items to life, and brought in her items to our house to make it look perfect! I did not know Sharon before this. And the reason I write this rec is because it made a true difference in getting this house sold. “-David M.; Atlanta, GA

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